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The LEA principles

The Light EA is designed based on the following principles

1.Distinguish EA from enterprise wide solution architecture Enterprise Architecture is a planning effort rather designing the enterprise blue print.

2.Keep it simple Light EA is light compare to the enterprise wide solution architecture which require significant time and resources. LEA is an architecture planning effort rather than designing the enterprise architecture blueprint as the first generation EA do. It is accomplished via Alignment Architecture for as the plan for business to take advantage of technology evolution; learn the right experiences of the others via reference model and reference architecture; Adapt change via just right and just in time agile segment architecture approach.

3. Human centric

4. See the unseen enterprise big picture

5. Bridge between business and engineering community

Light EA serve both business and engineering community with tangible and comprehensive EA artifact. many enterprise lost their competitive edge due to the gap between business and engineering community, EA serve the the bridge to close the gaps.

6. Collaboration

6. Recognize Enterprise is organic

7. Holistic inspiration

8. Adapting change

Enterprise Architecture was initiated to resolve the redundant effort of silo system approach. Eliminating redundancy is the key to win the edge of competition. The problem of reinventing wheel and redundant effort is not only limited in IT but also in every line of business, for example the redundant testing in medical industry, the redundant identification effort in security industry.

EA as the mean to eliminate redundancy is the underline discipline for the notion of CxO which can be CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO. Enterprise Architecture is do not only eliminate redundancy but also enable the CxOs to to see the whole, conduct master planning, facilitate collaboration, learning the right experience of of others, enable agility and establish the just right and just in time strategic planing to adapt change. EA is considered as a cross cutting and horizontal architecture effort for every line of business. It is a paradigm shift from the traditional vertical architecture to a horizontal architecture direction rather than an enterprise scale of all established paradigm to make a redundant of itself.

Enterprise Architecture is the mean for the end of eliminating redundant effort. It is a journey rather than a destination. Architecture is only a tool to orderly arrange the parts. In building architecture, for example, people live in a house but not live in an architecture.


For the past decades, it is has been a popular believe EA is the end to architect the enterprise.

1. The hard work to design the enterprise blueprint become obsolete before ink dry because Enterprise is organic.

2. Enterprise Architecture is not an emerging paradigm, it is nothing new but a collective effort from exiting paradigm.

under the title of "Enterprise Architecture", there is a massive confusion of the mean to the end. EA community try to define EA based on the word "Enterprise Architecture" as the effort to "Architect the Enterprise" without looking into the essence of EA to eliminate redundancy. For most of EA community, architecture is in their comfort zone, they are much more interested to architect the enterprise. With the notion of architects knows better, "Architect the enterprise" is a great opportunity to fulfill their professional ambition.

As a result of confusing the mean to the end, the EA community have a difficult time to define the paradigm of EA because there are many means to achieve the same goal. It never fail to generate a lot of discussion on the topic of "What is EA?" as shown in the following discussion during the past many years.

EA is not the glue between IT and "The Business".
EA is the glue between Strategy and Execution.

and Robert McIlree on Technology Architecture & Projects

The Enterprise Architecture Definition Collection - Part I

The Enterprise Architecture Definition Collection - Part II

Confusion the mean to the end also contribute to the cause EA has not evolved as expected Enterprise Architecture has not evolved as expected. as Scott Ambler, the chief methodologist for Agile and Lean for IBM Rational, in Enterprise Architecture: Reality over Rhetoric, says:

"For several decades we've heard that effective enterprise architecture programs are a critical success factor for medium-to-large size IT organizations. I have been a promoter of enterprise architecture, both after all these years it seems that the reality of enterprise architecture is nowhere close to fulfilling some of the rhetoric around it. "

The January 2010 State of the IT Union Survey.

In 2008, Ian Rowland says in Why Isnít Enterprise Architecture In The Big Time?

"Letís confess, then, what we really know in our heart of hearts Ö Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that hasnít really made it to the big time. If thatís the case, what are the causes? Is EA a rocket that hasnít got off the launch pad, or a firework that has fizzled? "

Enterprise Architecture as the goal

Most of poeple define Enterprise Architecture by the word of "Enterprise Architecture" by saying EA is effort to architect the enterprise blueprint in the same way to design a large building or an jumbol jet. The title of "Enterprise Architecture" subject to a variety of interpretation. It never fail to stir up a lot of debate on what is Enterprrise Architecture" based on the word of Enterprise Architecture as show in the


Enterprise Architecture as the mean. Some people suggest that Enterprise Architecture as the process, it is the mean rather than the end. It is a journey rather than a destination.


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